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Sprinkle of Hope (SOH) is an organization that provides Hope Jars for Westside Family Health Center’s clients. Hope Jars are plastic gallon jars filled with everyday life necessities, ranging from hygiene products in the Toiletry Jar to masks, gloves, and sanitizers in the new Pandemic Prevention Jar. 



Alana is currently 16 years old and started creating Sprinkle of Hope when she was 10. Service has always been a critical part of her life, and she believes that now more than ever it is important to give back and spread hope.


Westside Family Health Center (WFHC) is a non-profit organization located in Culver City, CA. WFHC provides medical care for the many people who cannot afford to get proper medical help. WFHC served 12,127 patients in 30,242 visits in 2021, most of whom would not have had access to health care and education otherwise. Currently, 98% of their patients live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. When coupled with the fact that 44% of patients are uninsured, it illustrates the vulnerability of patients served. WFHC’s high rate of uninsured is also due to the fact that WFHC is never closed to new patients. 

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