Hope Jar Contest

What is it?

Sprinkle of Hope wants your help to create the next Hope Jar! Our purpose is to build jars that meet the needs of clients at Westside Family Health Center. What do YOU think people would appreciate receiving in a Hope Jar?

Design a Hope Jar 


1. Brainstorm a theme/title of the jar.

For example, Sprinkle of Hope came up the theme of a Women's Toiletry  Jar to help the female patients at WFHC.


2. Create a list of items to put in the jar.

The Women's Toiletry Jar includes pads, tampons, lipstick, and more (view all included items here)  because all of these items help women maintain good hygiene and prepare them for job interviews.

3. Have fun creating!

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What happens if you win?

You will receive an email notification that your jar will be available for donation on the Sprinkle of Hope website. Your first name will appear in each of the jars. 

This Hope Jar was designed by: 


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In the email box, please include the following:

     - your name

     - your email

     - your age (optional)

     - your jar's theme/title

     - the supplies that will go in your jar

Thank You!


Your email has been sent and your jar has been submitted into the contest. Good Luck! Your results will come by the end of the month.