Westside Family Health Center is a non-profit organization located in Santa Monica, CA. Westside Family Health Center's main site is at 1711 Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica. WFHC also offers health care at six sites around Los Angeles County on its Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) and at five satellite sites. WFHC provides medical care for the many people who can not afford to get proper medical help. WFHC served 12,438 women, men, and children in 31,113 visits in 2017, most of whom would not have had access to health care and education otherwise. Currently, 94% of their patients live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. When coupled with the fact that 49% of patients are uninsured, it illustrates the vulnerability of patients served. WFHC’s high rate of uninsured is also due to the fact that WFHC is never closed to new patients.

       WFHC's goals are to "improve the patient care experience, improve the health and outcomes of the patient population, and reduce per capita costs of patient care." They are also "aiming to be the highly valued provider of choice for community health care services."